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Since starting in 2007, Global Handprints has impacted many lives, improved education and created opportunities for community development.

Scroll down to see the impact we have had on education, health, school structure, wellness and sport!

Anti Malaria

– Provided every child in Mukono Children’s Home with a mosquito net over their bed.

– Provided 200 mosquito nets for the rural community.

Well being
– Built new latrines as Mbalala Model Pre and Primary School.

– Provided mattresses for children at Mukono Children’s Home.

– Emptied the pit latrines at Mukono Children’s Home to enable them to pass inspection.

Mbalala Pre and Primary School

– This school had it’s international funding unexpectedly withdrawn meaning it was facing sudden closure. Closing the school would force the students back to working in the local sugar cane plantations and limestone quarries.

Thanks to the generous attendees at our last fundraiser event, Global Handprints was able to keep this school open for another year and a term. It is currently still operating under a new Head Teacher with ongoing support.


– Provided the Netball team at Mukono Children’s Home with trainers enabling them to compete in district competitions.

– Organised tansport for Mukono Children’s Home Netball team to get to a national competition.

– Provided 30 Football kits for the squad at Mukono Children’s Home.

– Provided books for Mukono Children’s Home.

– Provided three weeks of holiday playscheme for children unable to afford to go to school.

– Provided stationery for 120 children at Wmpewo Green Pastures Academy.

– Provided school bags for each child at Mbalala Pre and Primary school.

– Provided 3 blackboards at Mbalala Pre and Primary school.


– Refurbished a library at Mukono Children’s Home (painting, shelves, furnishing, new secure steel  windows to prevent theft).

– Refurbished a nursery classroom at Mukono Children’s Home (new floor, painting, blackboard materials, windows).

– Landscaped land at Kasenge Riverford Organic Farm.

– Built a house in the rural community for an elderly lady whose home was demolished.


– Provided vital medicines for the rural community.

– Enabled people to have HIV/AIDS testing.

– Provided vital care and equipment for mothers and children in the maternity ward at Mukono Health Centre.

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