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Here at Global Handprints we strongly believe that to really see, feel and experience a country, you need to get off the beaten track and to hang out with local people immersing yourself in their culture and traditions. We also know how important it is to many people to get more from their time overseas and to be able to go home, knowing they have made a difference and left their mark on the world. That’s why we have come up with the best road trip around!


We also know how important it is to many people to get more from their time overseas and to be able to go home, knowing they have made a difference and left their mark on the world. That’s why we have come up with the best road trip around! Our Volunteer Road Trips perfectly combine overseas adventure travel, the culture of Africa and community development volunteer work. Not only will you get to see areas of rural South Africa that are often missed out of travel itineraries, you will also get to be part of small grass root community projects.

Get Involved

In addition to doing good there are plenty of opportunities for adventures with hikes, horse rides and canopy tours thrown in along the way!

We have 2 routes, both starting and ending in Durban, KZN, South Africa,

Our Community Development Road Trips are an ideal example of voluntourism; combining volunteer work with traveling trips.

What Makes Them Different?

Instead of one of your usual road trips with as many friends crammed into an old banger as possible and a beaten up maps and directions as a guide and fighting over the all important road trip songs, (we’re not knocking it, we’ve all been there), our road trips combine necessities, backpacking travel and a little luxury with a taste of real life in Africa.

We plan your trip so you don’t need to worry about all the little bits and pieces that take the fun out of getting ready for a holiday of a lifetime; we provide you with a list of road trip essentials, are your own personal route planner and our Guides are even on hand with ideas for road trip games!

Our Routes

Start and end in Durban

15 Days

14 Nights

£1,300 | $1,940 USD | $2,450 CAD | R23,300 all inclusive.

Zululand Road Trip

Volunteer at education, agriculture and community projects with local Zulu tribes.

Explore Zululand’s coastal region and beautiful beaches.

Learn about Zulu cultural traditions.

Visit the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park.

Scuba dive and snorkel (no qualification required).

See the Big Five animals in Africa; African lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant and rhino.

Elephant and Cheetah interactions

Start and end in Durban

15 Days

14 Nights

£1,300 | $1,940 USD | $2,450 CAD | R23,300 all inclusive.

Amapondoland Road Trip

Volunteer at education, agriculture and community projects with local Xhosa and Zulu tribes.

Explore the Midlands, Drakensberg and Transkei Wildcoast.

Learn about South Africa’s apartheid history as well as Xhosa and Zulu traditions.

Travel KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape Province.

Fly over the ‘Berg in a helicopter.

Swing from the tree tops in Champagne Castle.

Plan Your Perfect Trip With Us

In order for you to get the most from your trip, both in terms of your volunteer work and the travelling trip, Road Trips are limited to 5 people per vehicle with a maximum of 2 vehicles on any route at any one time. This ensures a personal experience as well as the chance to form new life long friendships while you’re all jostling around on the off road tracks! We choose to drive the back and dirt roads, getting you off the highway as much as possible and ensuring you see the real South Africa right from the start. Not only do these roads take you through stunning scenery but also through a variety of cultures where children and adults alike will smile and wave you along.

Our fully qualified guides will be with you every step of the journey as you travel Africa; keeping you organised and on track, providing information about local customs and cultures, liaising with community partners and making sure all accommodation providers and activities are expecting you. We believe that a Guide can make or break someone’s experience and we strive to find people who are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and a team player. In return, we expect similar behaviour from our Road Trippers as a courtesy to both the Guides, fellow Road Trippers, the community partners and the project users.

Our Road Trips can be booked as stand alone 2 week trips or combined with each other or the TtT project, depending on how much time you have to play with. The Road Trips aren’t just for people on a Gap Year, anyone and everyone with a sense of adventure and willingness to get involved, will be welcomed with open arms!

In addition to our Volunteer Road Trips, we offer Volunteer Placements for both education and community development.
In addition to our Volunteer Road Trips, we offer Volunteer Placements for both education and community development.

Road Trip Details

Your Helping Hands

We have spent time at the volunteer projects and placements which Road Trippers take part in along the way.

Over the 2 week road trip, you will work alongside your fellow volunteers to get involved in a combination of community work including games and activities at a Children’s Home, feeding and managing stray dogs, taking part in support groups, agricultural work, fun and games in children’s nurseries. Spending time at small community run projects enables you to really discover some of South Africa’s cultures.

The majority of our community partners run small independent projects that often receive no other support. Global Handprints has established partnerships with these projects through exploring the area and making friendships. We strongly believe that volunteer work should be done at projects that welcome volunteer’s input with open arms while at the same time maintaining ownership over the project or idea themselves.

We often work with our partners to develop specific Global Handprints projects that meet community needs and ensure the wellbeing of community members.


There’s nothing worse than turning up dog tired at the end of a long day on the road, to a new accommodation having heard rave reviews only to find it’s grotty and unpleasant. That’s just one of the reasons why we take the hassle out of you having to be the designated road trip planner.

We have personally stayed in all the places we take Road Trippers to and make sure that we keep up to date with the standards so that we know exactly what Guides are taking you to. Global Handprints uses a mixture of guesthouses and hostels throughout the trips, giving you plenty of opportunities to mingle with new, like minded people (and of course to rave about how great your road trip is!) We combine backpacking travel with getting to know the local community and supporting local businesses.

Our 4x4s

Our road trips are driven in Land Rover Discovery 2s all of which are roadworthy, licensed and driven by fully qualified, experienced guides.

They are equipped with A/C, electric windows, sun roof, phone / camera / tablet charging facilities (all major makes), maps and research books so you can brush up your knowledge on the road.

Road Trippers are able to use the Global Handprints tablet en route to access the internet (with restrictions). This enables you to post and share pictures, making everyone left at home jealous!

Not only can individuals, couples or friends book a place on the Road Trips but our Landys can also be privately booked by groups of 3 – 6 people, ensuring a personal Road Trip with just you and your gang. So, whether you’re a group of pals who want to do some good, a family of adventurists or want to organise something special for a team building trip, simply contact us and we can make a plan that meets your needs. (Please note, depending on the number in your group, the price per person for private Road Trips will be different to those advertised).

Get 10% Off On Your First Volunteer Road Trip

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Money Matters

How Much Is A 2 Week Road Trip
Our two week Volunteer Road Trips cost £1,300 | $1,940 USD | $2,450 CAD | R23,300 per person.
What Is Included?
  • Transport: From your arrival in Durban airport and back again 2 weeks later including daily transport to and from placements and activities.
  • 3 Meals Each Day: Excluding first and last day where only one meal is provided.
  • Bottled Water: During the day on placement / while travelling.
  • Placement And Project Fees
  • Park Entry Fees
  • Accommodation: Twin or dorm style.
  • Activities: Both cultural and adventure activities as specified in the route itineraries (Road Trippers may opt-out of these at any point but no discount will be offered)
What Isn't Included?
  • Visas
  • Passport fees
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Drinks: Other than bottled water during the day
  • Curios / Souvenirs
  • Activity / Restaurant Tips
Do I Need A Visa?
Road Trippers are required to arrange their own South African Visa prior to departure and are responsible for applying for this, as well as a passport, with enough time for it to arrive prior to departure. Road Trippers will also need to check with their Doctor or GP to ensure they have had the most up to date travel vaccinations required.
Do I Need Insurance?
Global Handprints is responsible for ensuring your safety and wellbeing at all times however, you will need to purchase travel insurance from home. We will ask for your policy details prior to arrival and ask that you have the information on hand at all times while you’re with us.

Ready to Get Started?

Simply email us with details of your preferred Road Trip route (Amapondoland, Zululand or both!) and start date. We will get back to you confirming availability or offering you an alternative start date.

Once the start date has been confirmed you will be sent a form to complete with personal details (just so we know a little about you as well as giving you a chance to let us know about any dietary or medical requirements you may have) and payment information.

You can pay for your Road Trip by credit card, PayPal or by direct bank transfer. Whichever method you choose, you will be liable for any international fees there may be.

Once we have received your payment, you will be sent a Welcome Pack with all sorts of useful info included. At this stage your Road Trip booking will be confirmed and the refund policy kicks into place.

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